Afternoon News

Thursday April 24, 2014

Five people were shot dead at an Afghan hospital, the FDA is proposing new regulations on E-Cigarettes, a missing boy from Mckinleyville is found, Humboldt gas prices are going up, and KRFH reporters Ronele Herd and Lisa Maciel tell us about a rideshare service committed to help stop drunk driving.

Anchor: Natalia Estrada
Producer: Olivia Drake
Reporters: Ronele Herd & Lisa Maciel

Afternoon News

Anchor: Kevin Wyart
Producer: Tim Lanahan
Reporter: Julian Curry & Anthony Johnson

The U.S. has sent troops to Poland. Thousands of signatures submitted by GMO Free Humboldt for the upcoming election. El Nino weather has been predicted for central and south America. A report on the upcoming trend of Smart Watches and former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders file a law suit.

Evening Update

Anchor: Jessica Congdon
Producer: Tori Thomas
Reporters: Brandon Peterson and Natalia Estrada

A man dies in a Louisville prison from starvation. Humboldt county is on the lookout for a suspect wanted in a homicide over the weekend. Jeff Herman, the lawyer representing the man accusing Bryan Singer of sexual abuse, announced Monday that he has filed three additional sex abuse lawsuits against multiple television executives. And Brandon Peterson and Natalia Estrada report on sport’s concussions.

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